Unfortunately, regardless of what type of job you have, you are still susceptible to serious injuries and illnesses. If you suffer a job-related injury or illness you are entitled to workers’ compensation. In Maryland, most employers are legally required to carry insurance coverage for their employees that covers medical care, wage replacement, and permanent disability for work-related injuries. Unfortunately, more often than not, those that suffer work-related injuries miss a substantial amount of work because their injuries or illness hindered their critical abilities needed to perform the duties of their occupational role. When this is the case, they lose a considerable amount of income. Workers’ compensation is beneficial for injured individuals because it provides financial support for their losses. Many wonder whether they can appeal a workers’ compensation award. Keep reading to learn whether you can dispute a workers’ compensation award and how a seasoned Prince George’s County Work Injury Lawyer can help you navigate the complexities associated with the appeal process.

How do I appeal a workers’ compensation award in Maryland?

In Maryland, if you are injured while on the job, you are legally entitled to workers’ compensation. In addition, you are entitled to appeal a workers’ compensation award if your claim was denied or you believe you have not received sufficient funds. Regardless of why an employer or insurance company denies your claim, you have the legal right to appeal their decision. Claims are most commonly denied when there is not enough evidence presented that proves your injuries prevented you from working, your claim was not filed within the right time frame, or your employer disputes your claim. When appealing, you must submit an Issues Form to the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission to request a hearing. When your hearing is conducted, the Commission will examine the circumstances of your case. After they decide, if you still reach an unfavorable outcome you are entitled to request a rehearing. However, it must be requested within fifteen days of the final ruling. A Request for Rehearing may be denied unless you have new evidence that was not available during your first hearing. If you are granted a rehearing and still believe your claim should be reconsidered, you may file an appeal directly to the Circuit Court. If you lose at Circuit Court, you can appeal to the Maryland Court of Special Appeals. Ultimately, after being denied benefits or receiving insufficient benefits, you can appeal a workers’ compensation award.

When pursuing an appeal it is critical to retain the legal services of a skilled Prince George’s County work injury lawyer as the appeal process can be complex. If you have suffered a job-related injury or illness, you are entitled to compensation. Our firm is committed to helping our clients appeal a workers’ compensation award.