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What is premises liability?

When an individual enters another person’s property, they typically assume that the property is safe. Unfortunately, some people find out the hard way that the property was not safe and as a result, they suffer serious injuries. Property owners have the legal responsibility to make sure their property is free and clear of any hazards […]

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What happens if my vehicle gets totaled?

When an individual’s vehicle gets totaled in an accident, the insurance company of the party at fault will owe the victim compensation. This compensation will amount to the value of the vehicle at the time of the collision. It is important to distinguish between what the owner actually owes on the vehicle and what the […]

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What is Workers’ Compensation in Maryland?

Workers’ compensation is an insurance policy held by an employer that covers employee injuries that are sustained on the job or while working for the employer. It includes payment of the victim’s medical expenses that are related to an on-the-job injury. It also includes payment for the injured party’s time out of work while they […]

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