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Diagnosis Errors in Maryland

Individuals put a very significant amount of trust into the medical professionals that treat them. When someone goes to the doctor or the emergency room with a health concern, it is up to the medical staff to correctly diagnose the problem and treat it accordingly. Unfortunately, when a medical professional fails to accurately and efficiently […]

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Types of Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can happen nearly anywhere and when they do, they can be very serious and lead to lifelong impacts. There are a number of different ways that an individual can become injured in a slip and fall accident. Property owners in Maryland and Washington D.C. have the legal responsibility to make sure […]

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Dog Bite Injuries in Maryland

Many people consider their dogs to be part of the family but are aware that they need to be well trained because after all, dogs are still animals. As much as people do love their dogs, there are still unfortunate incidents where a poorly trained dog can bite an innocent person. When an individual gets bit by […]

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Factors Contributing to Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are very severe and often result in serious injuries or even death. When an individual is involved in a truck accident, they may suffer lifelong consequences. There are many factors that contribute to truck accidents due to the complexity of the vehicles themselves. Some of the factors that may be the underlying cause […]

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Providing Evidence for the Burden of Proof

When an individual has become the victim of a personal injury accident, it is important that they gather as much information as possible that can help them in a lawsuit if they choose to pursue that option. One of the key factors of any personal injury case is that the injured party is required to […]

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Common Birth Injuries

The day parents bring a newborn child into the world is supposed to be one of the happiest days in their lives. However, parents do know that there is a lot that can go wrong during the labor and delivery, which can make the day just as nervewracking as it is exciting. When the baby […]

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Defective Product Injuries in Maryland

Consumers typically believe that anything they purchase is safe for use and that a business wouldn’t allow an unsafe product to be sold to the public. However, there are often situations where an individual becomes seriously injured because of a product defect. When someone becomes the victim of a defective product, they may want to […]

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What is premises liability?

When an individual enters another person’s property, they typically assume that the property is safe. Unfortunately, some people find out the hard way that the property was not safe and as a result, they suffer serious injuries. Property owners have the legal responsibility to make sure their property is free and clear of any hazards […]

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