Motor vehicle accidents can have terrible effects on the victims that are involved in them. If someone else drives in a negligent manner, individuals may be able to hold them accountable for their contribution to the accident. In these situations, individuals may be able to acquire compensation in the form of damages. Accidents with trucks can prove to be more detrimental than an accident with another passenger car. Since trucks are larger and have more mass, they can cause more damages to a smaller passenger vehicle. If truck drivers are not driving according to the law or prove to be negligent, you may be able to use this negligence to place the burden of proof on them. By proving this, you may be able to win a lawsuit against them to acquire damages for the accident you have suffered from.

What damages can I collect?

Damages are monetary compensation that can be non-economic or economic. For both damages, they come after a lawsuit has been won due to an accident or another event that incited this lawsuit. Economic damages can provide compensation to cover the cost of medical bills that have piled up as a result of the accident that occurred and lead to the lawsuit. If a truck accident occurred, individuals in a passenger car may have suffered from serious injuries. When these injuries are treated, hospital bills can soon become increasingly costly. This is where economic damages can help. They can also provide for lost wages or lost future wages. If you are injured and out of work for an uncertain period of time, this money can prove to support you during this time.

Non-economic damages can also provide for a victim of a truck accident. During these accidents, victims can become traumatized. The events that led to the accident and the aftermath can have a toll on their emotional health. The injuries they suffered from can cause a great deal of pain. These instances are able to be compensated for as well. Non-economic damages provides for the emotional turmoil or pain and suffering accounted for after the accident.

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