If you were recently been bitten by a dog, you may be interested in seeking financial compensation to help protect the cost of your medical bills, lost wages, in-home care, and anything else you may need to recover. Our firm recognizes how frightening, and potentially overwhelming these incidents can be, which is why we are fully committed to ensuring you win the compensation you deserve and need for a quick recovery. Read on and reach out to our firm today to speak with one of our Prince George’s County dog bite attorneys.

What steps should I take after a dog bite?

If you were injured by a dog bite and would like to pursue legal action, there are several steps you should take. First, you will want to call the police, who can document the incident and call an ambulance to bring you to the hospital for treatment. From here, assure you obtain the dog owner’s contact information, in addition to the contact information of anyone who witnessed your accident, as they may confirm your future personal injury claim. Ultimately, after being treated, it is in your best interest to retain the services of an experienced Maryland personal injury attorney who knows how to fulfill the burden of proof.

In order to succeed in your claim, you will have to prove that the dog owner’s negligence was the cause of the attack. If you were struck while lawfully on the owner’s property, or you were attacked by an unleashed dog in public, you will most likely be eligible for compensation. Because of this, if the dog owner in question can demonstrate that you caused the attack, either by trespassing or teasing the dog, you may not be able to qualify to pursue legal action. Reach out to our firm today to learn more about how we can help you.

How long do I have to file my claim?

Keep in mind that the state of Maryland has a statute of limitations of three years for most personal injury claims. This insinuates that the wrongly injured three years from the date of their incident to file their claim. While you may want to wait to see if your injuries heal on their own, if you wait any longer than three years, you will most likely be banned from filing this claim entirely. Reach out to our firm today to speak with our Prince George’s County personal injury attorneys to ensure you are promptly filing your claim. We are on your side.


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