When childbirth is occurring, it is scary to think of all the scenarios where something can go wrong. Any situation can have an effect on the infant and the mother as well. Although some situations can occur out of nowhere, doctors should respond quickly and with their full attention. If a doctor acts in a way that does not hold up to the standard of care they should uphold, they may be found negligent. Negligence is a form of medical malpractice. If a doctor does not try to do all they can for a patient, they are not holding up to the standard of education they underwent. Their standard of care can be predicted by their peers and the institutions they work for.

For negligence cases involving birth injuries, there will need to be evidence to prove that the doctor acted negligently. Since mistakes can happen in any medical context, it is important to note the negligence that caused this effect. Otherwise, it may not qualify as medical malpractice if it is just seen as a mistake. Negligence can prove that the doctor failed to uphold a certain standard of care that they were supposed to. This can show that they do not do everything in the best interests of the patient. The investigation into their negligence is needed to prove the case. We understand how hard these times can be when it involves your child. We want to help alleviate any stress by fighting on your behalf. This can help to get you compensated for the medical bills that have accumulated from your child’s birth injury and to provide them with aid for their future.

What are some birth injuries due to negligence?

Birth injuries can be caused by a variety of different techniques. Due to this, they can vary in degree and form. Some injuries can include Erb’s palsy, cerebral palsy, facial paralysis, spinal cord injuries and more. When negligence is involved in the birth of a newborn, it can result in brain damage caused by vacuum extractor misuse and forceps misuse or brachial plexus injuries caused by excessive force when handling a shoulder dystocia.

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