Wearing a seat belt in a motor vehicle is an extremely important safety measure that helps prevent critical injuries and fatalities. In Maryland, all drivers and passengers are required by law to wear their seatbelts. Seatbelt laws reflect the importance of wearing a seatbelt. Unfortunately, not everyone adheres to seatbelt laws resulting in devastating injuries and fatalities in a collision. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident due to another motorist’s negligence, contact one of our qualified and skilled Prince George’s County Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys Our firm is committed to helping our clients seek the justice they deserve.

What are the benefits of wearing a seatbelt?

Individuals may forget to buckle their seatbelts, they may believe they don’t need to wear them because they are traveling to a close destination, however, seatbelts must be worn at all times. The first thing an individual should do when they enter a motor vehicle is fastened their seatbelt. The decision to buckle in their seatbelt can save is extremely important There are several benefits to wearing a seatbelt. The benefits include:

  • Prevents ejection. Seatbelts secure individuals in their seats. They effectively keep individuals inside their motor vehicles in the event of an auto accident. If an individual is not wearing their seatbelt, they will likely be ejected from the vehicle. However, if they are wearing their seatbelts their bodies will be restrained.
  • Ideal positioning. Seatbelts keep individuals in an ideal position that protects their brains, organs, and spine. Seatbelts reduce the risk of catastrophic injuries.
  • Airbags. Airbags are ineffective if an individual is not wearing their seatbelt. Airbags and seatbelts work together. In the event of a collision, if an individual neglects to wear their seatbelt, the impact of a deployed airbag could cause significant injuries. However, if a seatbelt is worn, individuals are secured at a safe distance from the dashboard. This way the airbag can provide essential cushioning. Airbags do not replace or substitute seatbelts.

How should it be worn?

Individuals need to wear their seatbelts correctly. If a seatbelt is worn incorrectly, they become ineffective. To remain safe, individuals must wear their seatbelts properly by:

  • Placing the shoulder belt across the chest. It should be placed away from the neck. A seatbelt should never be strapped behind an individual back or under their arms.
  • The lap belt should be placed across an individual’s hips. It should stretch across an individual pelvis and upper thighs. It should never be placed below an individual’s stomach. If it is placed above the stomach, it could cause serious organ damage in a crash.

In the unfortunate event you were injured in a motor vehicle accident, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our experienced and determined attorneys. Our firm is committed to helping our clients reach favorable results. We are ready to fight on your behalf today.