Winter comes with unique driving hazards that pose a significant threat to motorist safety. Motorist must modify their driving to reflect weather conditions. Motorist refrain from driving when there are inclement weather conditions. If you or someone you love is injured in an auto accident, contact one of our trusted and skilled Car Accident Attorneys in Prince George’s County, Maryland who can help you avoid winter driving hazards.

How can I prepare for winter driving hazards:

There are several precautions that motorists should take to ensure their safety while on the road when there are in-climate weather conditions. Motorists should consider the following:

  • Stay off the roads. When there are in-climate weather conditions, motorists should refrain from driving. Understandably, individuals may have important places to travel however, winter driving hazards pose a serious threat to everyone’s well-fare. In-climate weather conditions such as snow, rain, ice, hail, or wind could potentially result in motorists significant injuries or collisions.
  • Black ice. All though black ice is virtually undetectable, motorists should still stay vigilant. Black Ice is extremely dangerous because of vehicle tires loosing traction. Motorists who drive over black ice are likely to lose control of their Vehicle, because their tires cant grip the road. Poor Visibility. Due to winters weather conditions, such as snow and ice motorists have difficulty seeing their surroundings. It is critical for motorists to clear their vehicle of snow and ice before driving. If a motorist fails to clean their vehicle before driving, snow and ice could potentially block their vision which can result in an auto collision. Additionally, motorists should ensure there windshield wipers are functioning properly. Due to snow covered roads, motorists should drive with their hazard lights on to enhance their visibility to drivers and pedestrians.
  • Maintenance. It’s imperative for motorists to maintain their vehicle to prepare for winter driving hazards. Motorists must make sure their tires, breaks, windshield wipers,and electrical systems are all functioning properly. Due to extremely cold temperature, tires lose air pressure. If a tire is worn out and loses pressure it reduces tire traction. Additionally, due to cold temperatures a bars battery may, if the vehicles battery dies motorists could potentially be stranded with no heat. Motorists should pack a emergency kit with blankets and other necessary things in order to keep them warm. Furthermore, motorists should refrain from pressing the breaks and accelerator too quickly Due to inclement weather conditions, motorists are at risk of hydro-planning. Hydro-planning occurs when the roads are wet and a motorists looses control of their vehicle which can cause someone to spin uncontrollably and potentially crashing. Ultimately, it is important for motorists to remedy any issues with their vehicles to ensure their safety while driving during the winter.

In the unfortunate event that you sustain injuries from an auto accident that is caused by a winter driving hazard, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our knowledgeable and determined team members. Allow our firm to help you today.