Halloween is the most dangerous holiday of the year. Hundreds of children are aimlessly running around the neighborhood on the hunt for delicious candy. When they travel from house to house, they move unexpectedly which could cause collisions and serious accidents to happen. Parents need to ensure that they provide their children with the best safety tips this Halloween to ensure their child avoids injury. In the unfortunate event that your child does become injured, reach out to a trusted Prince George’s County Personal Injury Attorney who can assist you in recovering damages. 

If my child goes trick-or-treating, how can I protect them from injury?

It is imperative to go over some general safety tips with your child if they are participating in Halloween festivities such as trick-or-treating to prevent any injuries. We have compiled some of the best tips to ensure your child is protected from injury this Halloween.

Dressing up 

When you are helping your child pick out a costume for Halloween, you must ensure it is appropriate for walking around. This means, it must properly fit them, if the costume is too long it could cause your child to trip and fall. Your child should wear light colors to make them more visible to drivers. If they do not have a costume with light colors, you should add reflective materials to enhance their visibility. Another alternative method is having your child carry a flashlight or glow stick. Parents should ensure their child’s costume does not involve a facemask. Although costumes with face masks are cool, face paint is a safer choice. Face masks may block your child’s eyesight. Furthermore, parents should make sure their child’s costume is not flammable. In the event they come across an open flame in a jack-o-lantern, their costume may catch on fire. To avoid any malfunctions or dangerous scenarios, make sure your child’s costume is appropriate for the occasion.

Crossing the street

If your child is participating in trick-or-treating they must remain alert while crossing the street. Parents should advise their children to only cross at crosswalks and never from behind parked cars. Children should always look both ways before crossing and never assume that a car sees them. They should never be distracted while crossing the street. A lot is going on all around them, which could distract them. Children should refrain from running across the street. Children should stay in large groups while crossing which makes them more visible to drivers. Children must take the necessary precautions to prevent injuries when crossing the street.

To protect your child from injury this Halloween, you should follow some of our safety tips that can help prevent any falls or collisions on the road. In the unfortunate circumstances that your child is injured on Halloween, you should contact one of our qualified attorneys who can help you seek justice for your little one.