When people decide to adopt a pet, they now have the responsibility of caring for that animal. They are in charge of the pet’s well-being. Dog owners need to make sure they feed their dogs sufficiently and get their dogs to exercise. Dogs can be playful animals that make for a great household pet. Some dogs are especially good with children if they are living in the house as well. However, other dogs may be more inclined to aggressive behavior if they are raised that way by their owners. Owners need to understand the effect that they can have on their pet’s behavior and overall development of their manner.

If dogs are raised to be vicious, this can have negative consequences. The dog may attack those around them and cause harm to someone. If you have been bitten by a dog, you may be able to pursue legal action against their owner.

How can a dog owner be held responsible?

A dog owner can be held responsible for their dog’s action of biting another person. However, there are certain circumstances for these kinds of situations. A dog does not necessarily need to have a history of violence for the owner to be liable. If the dog bit someone “at large,” which means that the dog was off the premises with no restraints and not in the owner’s control, then the owner may be to blame. In contrast, if the victim was on the owner’s property and the dog was controlled, then the injured party may need to prove negligence. By proving negligence, you may be able to seek damages for your injury. This can result in compensation for your medical bills.

If the dog was known to have a history of violent behavior, it is mostly assumed that the owner should have known about this behavior from their pet. The victim may have an easier case due to a previous history. However, if a victim willing trespasses on a property and the dog attacks, it may be harder to prove. If the victim is somehow responsible due to behavior that antagonized the dog or an attempt to commit a crime, then they may not be able to prove liability on behalf of the owner.

How do I gather evidence?

When you are first attacked by the dog, it is important to seek medical attention. This will give you the treatment and medical attention you need to heal properly. Also, it will provide documentation for your injuries, which will cause proof of the injury. Information on the dog’s history is needed as well. It would be best to seek this from the owner. This information should not only include their behavioral patterns, but also medical history, such as rabies shot history. For these cases, an attorney can be of assistance when gathering information about the dog.

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