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Prince George’s County Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents can be devastating. With the overwhelming weight of these vehicles and the speed at which they travel, a car that collides with a truck can be subject to serious damage. Victims of injury caused by truck accidents should consider their legal options. If you have lost a loved one, it is important to discuss filing a wrongful death claim. Our truck accident lawyers can help assess your case and represent your needs. Timian & Fawcett, LLC handles personal injury claims across Maryland and Washington D.C. For a free consultation with an effective law firm, contact Timian & Fawcett, LLC.

Truck Accident Lawyers | Here to Represent You

If you were injured due to a truck driver’s careless actions, you should be entitled to compensation for the damages you’ve incurred. Our Prince George’s County personal injury lawyers have decades of experience representing accident victims here in the state of Maryland, and we are prepared to represent you as well.

What factors lead to truck accidents?

  • Mechanical problems: Trucks are susceptible to mechanical problems just like any other vehicle. While some incidents are unavoidable, others are not. Brake issues, tire blowouts, and sudden breakdowns could be caused by negligence. When mechanical problems lead to serious injury, finding the responsible party is complicated. Sometimes the company’s lack of care for the vehicles is to blame. Other times, a defective part is a culprit, leading to a product liability claim.
  • A driver’s job: A truck driver’s job is not easy and often burdened by strict regulations and an employer who does not want to see a change in productivity. Federal law has shifted in recent years to protect drivers and those who share the road with them. Truck drivers are only allowed to drive 11 hours in a 14-hour workday. A driver’s workweek has also changed from a cap of 82 hours to a 70-hours. Satisfying an employer’s demands within the restrictions imposed on them can be overwhelming, leading to speeding, careless driving, and other dangers to others.
  • Visibility of other cars: The size of trucks makes it difficult to see cars, especially ones traveling alongside. A truck driver must take the proper care when changing lanes, taking into account all blind spots. When cars are run off the road or trapped because of a driver’s negligence, it imposes a risk of serious injury.
  • Weight: Trucks are large and heavy. This is no secret. A truck driver must take the proper care to ensure that he or she leaves enough space to break at a moment’s notice. A truck can weigh up to 80,000 lbs. With a length of about 45-60 feet, a truck going 60 miles per hour would need almost 2 football fields to stop. If a truck driver is speeding or the truck is overloaded, it could change the equation dramatically.

Proving Your Case

Personal injury cases are complicated. Finding responsible parties can be complex, especially with truck accidents. An experienced attorney will need to conduct a comprehensive investigation. There could be many actors involved and shared culpability. Aside from the driver, the trucking company, the manufacturer of the truck or its parts, the party responsible for unsafe road conditions, and more could be to blame. Contact an attorney to look into this matter.

Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer from Timian & Fawcett, LLC

Timian & Fawcett, LLC provides quality legal support to clients seriously injured because of truck accidents and those who need to file a wrongful death claim because of the loss of a loved one. Our firm understands that the road ahead may seem bleak and we will do everything in our power to help you through these tough times. Contact Timian & Fawcett, LLC for a consultation to discuss your legal matter.

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