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Prince George’s County Work Injury Lawyer

Whether you work in construction or in an office, everyone is susceptible to some degree of danger at the workplace and you may need a Maryland work injury attorney. Office jobs don’t often conjure up the thought of serious injury. Unfortunately, accidents can happen anywhere. If you were to be seriously hurt at work, your future could be seriously affected and your livelihood in jeopardy. Fortunately, almost every workplace must provide workers’ compensation to help an injured employee directly after an accident. This is in place to financially support a worker as they focus on healing. In some cases, it may be the negligence of a third party that needs to be accounted for and legal action may be something to consider. Whether you are having legal issues with workers’ compensation or need to take legal action against a third party, our work injury lawyers are ready to step in and represent your legal needs.

Hurt On the Job? Our Work Injury Lawyers Are Here to Help.

Timian & Fawcett, LLC has decades of experience assisting victims of negligence. If you have been seriously injured and are in need of financial compensation, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our seasoned Prince George’s County personal injury lawyers today. We are here to guide you through each step of the legal process ahead.

Workers’ Compensation May Help You After an Accident

Workers’ compensation is the answer to a history of injustice. Back in the day, when an employee was injured on the job, they would often have to sue their employer to get compensation for their work injury. The suits would rarely come to fruition because the employee had little money to take legal action or the employer could just outspend them in the court system. When an employee would sue an employer, they were immediately replaced, leaving the worker with no job and no compensation. Fortunately, the laws changed to protect the workforce of America. Now, workers’ compensation is in place to immediately support a worker that is injured. In exchange, the worker who files a workers’ compensation claim cannot file a lawsuit against the employer, no matter the degree of negligence that caused the accident. Workers’ compensation will provide financial support for medical bills, lost wages, and a percentage of one’s paycheck until he or she is ready to work again. Though it seems straightforward, there are instances where a worker’s claim is denied or the payout is not enough. When this is the case, it is important to retain the services of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. Timian & Fawcett is an experienced Hyattsville Workers’ Compensation Law Firm ready to help you through your Workers’ Compensation matter.

Other Parties May be Held Liable as Well

When workers are seriously injured on the job, it may be imperative to explore the possibility that others may be responsible. When a worker can prove that a third party acted negligently and it led to serious injury, he or she may be entitled to compensation. There are numerous examples of what would constitute a third-party lawsuit. Responsible parties can include the property owner where the work is done, the manufacturer or designer of the equipment being used, and many more. This matter deserves a comprehensive investigation to seek out responsible parties and hold them accountable. It is important to note that if you were to win a third-party lawsuit, you could be responsible to pay back some or all of the support you were provided originally through workers’ compensation.

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A workplace accident can have a serious effect on your life. While you try to get back to work, the mounting medical bills and lost wages can be overwhelming. While workers’ compensation should be in place to help, the insurance company is quick to find a way to save money on your claim and not pay you what you are owed. If your injuries are caused by someone other than your employer, you may need to take legal action to recover compensation. For a consultation with our experienced work injury lawyers, contact Timian & Fawcett, LLC today.

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