When employees are injured in a workplace accident, they may be seriously injured and unable to work. Due to their incident, they may have to consider collecting workers’ compensation while they take a leave of absence from work. They are able to do so if their injuries hinder their ability to do their work and their job is protected in the meantime. However, when employees collect workers’ compensation, it does not put the blame on the employers either. Both parties are protected through workers’ compensation laws. This allows both parties to avoid getting blamed for the incident.

What if a third party is involved?

When a third party is involved in an accident that an employee suffered from, they can be held accountable for their participation in the incident. The injured employee is able to seek workers’ compensation. However, if they win a lawsuit against a third party, they may have to pay back the workers’ compensation. This is because the damages won from the lawsuit could cover their expenses and medical bills. Since the third party is not their employer, they are able to file a lawsuit and collect workers’ compensation. If the employee was to sue their employer, they are unable to collect workers’ compensation.

What can workers’ compensation provide?

Workers’ compensation can provide money to cover expenses that have piled up due to your accident in the workplace. It can provide economic damages that can cover the cost of medical bills, lost wages and lost future wages. Through workers’ compensation, victims of an accident may also be entitled to benefits including medical care, supplemental benefits, social security benefits and death benefits, along with the above cash benefits. If an employee is not able to work anymore, they may be entitled to long-term benefits that can help them sustain their quality of life. With all these benefits, individuals are able to provide for themselves when they are unable to work. They may not face as serious of a financial situation due to the buildup of medical bills.

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