Over the years, updated technology has improved the childbirth process for babies and mothers in labor. Before labor, mothers can be aware of any pre-existing conditions in themselves or their babies that may cause a difficult labor process. Doctors can monitor these mothers and babies to ensure no harm comes to either of them. However, some doctors prove to be negligent during childbirth. They may not perform up to the standard that is expected of them. Although mistakes can happen in labor, it is negligence on behalf of the doctor that can be more influential. When a doctor is negligent, they should be held accountable for medical malpractice.

During labor, there are many injuries that can be caused by medical malpractice where negligence has played a role. These injuries can affect not only the newborn, the mother in labor as well. If you believe this has happened to you or a loved one, seek legal counsel to understand your options and build your case.

What injuries can mothers suffer from?

There are a few different conditions that women can suffer from during childbirth. Uterine infection is a condition that can put a mother in danger during labor. This can usually be caused by an obstetrician’s manipulation of the cervix late in pregnancy. This can allow bacteria to enter into the body and cause problems. Failure to perform a cervical culture can also be considered negligent behavior since it has the power to rule out a certain infection in the baby.

Before mothers begin childbirth, doctors prepare themselves. They need to understand if there are pre-existing conditions that may compromise the labor process. Negligence by a healthcare professional can cause them to miss signs of placenta previa or acretia, which can put the baby and mother at risk in labor.

Mothers tend to focus on the baby during childbirth and leading up to the event. However, they should be focusing on their own health around labor as well. If mothers experience certain effects after childbirth, they may find themselves a victim of negligence on behalf of their doctor. It is important to seek legal aid so that you can contemplate your next step.

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