Consumers typically believe that anything they purchase is safe for use and that a business wouldn’t allow an unsafe product to be sold to the public. However, there are often situations where an individual becomes seriously injured because of a product defect. When someone becomes the victim of a defective product, they may want to consider their legal options. It is important to discuss the legal possibilities with an experienced product liability attorney because they can find a team of experts to look into all parts of the creation of the product to see what went wrong.

There are several different areas where a defect can occur. The individuals investigating a defective product case will have to determine whether the defect happened in the design, manufacturing, or the labeling of the product. Proving a design defect requires being able to show that there is a safer, more practical design that would allow the product to be used as intended, in addition to showing that safety was not accounted for during testing. Manufacturer defects may occur when a design was perfectly safe but a manufacturer deviated from the approved design causing it to become dangerous. Finally, if a company fails to provide adequate warnings and instructions on how to safely use the product, a person may become injured.

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