Many people consider their dogs to be part of the family but are aware that they need to be well trained because after all, dogs are still animals. As much as people do love their dogs, there are still unfortunate incidents where a poorly trained dog can bite an innocent person. When an individual gets bit by a dog, they may suffer serious injuries that can result in lifelong burdens. In some situations, the injuries may be so severe that the injured party may want to bring a lawsuit against the dog’s owner in an effort to recover damages.

Dog bite accidents are tricky because there are a lot of questions that must be assessed. Here are a few important factors when it comes to dog bite injury cases:

  • Was the dog off premises without a leash or other restraint?
  • Was the dog not under the owner’s control?
  • If the dog was leashed or contained on the owner’s property, was the dog owner negligent?
  • Did the victim’s behavior contribute to the dog bite?
  • Did the victim trespass or attempt to trespass on the dog owner’s property?

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