Personal injury cases can be complex as injured parties must satisfy the burden of proof. Essentially, if you have been injured due to another party’s negligence, you will be required to prove that the other party’s negligence directly caused the accident and your injuries. Generally, to build a strong case, you need a significant amount of evidence. An expert witness is an extremely important piece of evidence as they can provide detailed explanations and analysis of how an accident occurred and who was at fault. Lawyers often work with outside experts as their testimony on the facts of the accident can prove your claim. Keep reading to learn how outside experts can help your case and discover how our trusted Prince George’s County Personal Injury Lawyers can help you receive fair compensation for your damages. 

What types of outside experts can potentially help with a personal injury case?

In a personal injury case, it can be difficult for the judge and the jury to understand the technical and medical data relevant to the case. In most cases, a lawyer will work in conjunction with various outside experts that can provide an unbiased and objective analysis of the facts of the case that can help the court understand critical issues related to the case to make an informed decision. Expert witnesses can make a significant impact on the outcome of your case as they can provide detailed explanations that help the court understand how an accident occurred and who was at fault. Expert witnesses are individuals that have specialized knowledge, experience, education, and training in a particular field. Their expertise makes them qualified to provide testimony on the complex issues relevant to the case.

Although outside experts can significantly benefit your case, they will not advocate for your side. They will simply lay out their expert opinion on the complex data and evidence in the case. Therefore, when pursuing a personal injury case, it is in your best interest to retain a seasoned attorney who can fight on your behalf for fair compensation. In most personal injury cases, lawyers will work with medical experts that can testify about your injuries and treatment options. They can corroborate the extent, severity, and long-term consequences of your injuries. In auto accident cases, a lawyer can work with an accident reconstruction expert as they can help determine the cause of an accident and establish fault. They can also provide detailed explanations of how an accident caused your injuries.

Moreover, a lawyer can also work in conjunction with an economic expert as they can provide testimony about the financial impact of your injuries. Economists demonstrate how your injuries will continue to impact you in the future and result in expensive medical care, lost wages, vocational rehabilitation, household services, and even lost earning capacity. These types of experts can help ensure you are adequately reimbursed for your tangible losses. Generally, in personal injury cases non-economic damages that are not tangible losses are more difficult to prove and harder to calculate. Therefore, lawyers will work with mental health experts that can testify as to how the accident has impacted you emotionally and mentally. This can help you recover compensation for psychological distress.

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