Serious injuries caused by negligence are a common occurrence that no one should have to endure. These accidents can leave your life permanently altered, and nothing can change that. However, with the help of a strong legal team, you may have a better chance of receiving compensation that can ease your burden in this difficult time. Don’t wait, call our Prince George’s County personal injury attorneys now to learn more about the compensation you can recover via a personal injury claim for the damages you’ve incurred.

Can I get compensation for the damages I’ve sustained in a personal injury claim?

Filing a personal injury claim usually means that you will be entitled to some form of compensation. However, to qualify for this compensation, you will have to have a valid claim. Most personal injury claims are the result of negligence, which you have to prove when filing a personal injury claim. We recommend that you consult an experienced Prince George’s County personal injury attorney so that we can walk you through your options and begin crafting your claim. Proving negligence doesn’t have to be a complicated task, but it helps to have an experienced attorney on your side.

What types of compensation may I receive in Maryland?

Compensation for a personal injury claim is always given in the form of monetary damages. However, the way these damages are assigned is based on the economic and non-economic toll of your injuries.. Damages are given to account for a series of criteria, including lost wages, medical bills, rehabilitation, loss of enjoyment in life, and general suffering. However, it should be noted that non-economic damages intended to account for pain and suffering aren’t given in workers’ compensation claims.

What is contributory negligence?

If you’ve been wrongfully injured due to the negligence of another party, then it is your right to receive compensation. The compensation you receive after an accident won’t erase your pain and suffering, but it can help with the costs you’ll incur on the long road to recovery. Unfortunately, Maryland is one of the few states that still follow the contributory negligence law. This antiquated rule states that if you are found even remotely responsible for your injury, you will be barred from receiving any damages. If you’ve been wrongfully harmed due to the negligence of another party, then you should be entitled to compensation. However, recovering these damages can be a difficult task, especially with rules such as contributory negligence. Don’t be deterred from pursuing legal action, call our firm today so that we can fight for you.


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