The Nursing Home Reform Act was passed by the federal government to set guidelines that each nursing home facility must follow to be considered legal. This act was passed to protect the quality of life that those in nursing homes have to endure. The staff is expected to maintain a standard of care for the residents of a nursing home. Certain procedures are listed in the act to ensure that elders are treated properly and with the respect they deserve while they reside in these homes. Individuals in nursing homes have rights that cannot be denied. Nursing home facilities need to make sure their staff is acting according to the laws within the act. They have to follow these laws to ensure that their residents are being respected.

Residents in a nursing home should be informed of their rights before they enter a nursing home. They should know that their family can help protect them as well. Family members and other loved ones should visit their elders to ensure that they are not being disrespected by staff or even abused. Sometimes elders may be unaware of abuse if they do not have the proper mental capacity to recall these events or understand them.

What services are provided in a nursing home?

In nursing homes, there are services provided to residents to make their time living there more comfortable. The services that are provided are outlined in the Nursing Home Reform Act to enforce a uniform code that each residence must follow. The health and safety of the individuals living there should be protected at all times. They have services provided that monitor their health and to provide individual care based on their specific well-being. Services can include periodic assessments for each client, a care plan, nursing, dietary, social, pharmaceutical and rehabilitation services. When individuals enter a nursing home as a place of residence, individuals should be given an explanation of what to expect while they are living there. They should be informed of their rights before they begin their habitation in this new environment. Services and fees should be in writing to inform them of all their expenses. Although these residents are now living in a nursing home, they still have a right to their own privacy. This includes keeping their own personal belongings, being informed of any conditions they may have and being able to deny any treatment.

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