Within a few days of being involved in an auto collision, an insurance adjuster will reach out to you to discuss the circumstances of the incident. Adjusters will try to contact you as quickly as they can to get to you before you have time to obtain an attorney. They do not want you to learn about their tactics and overall objective. Knowing how to converse with a claim adjuster is of the utmost importance to your case, reach out to a dedicated Car Accident Attorney in Prince George’s County, Maryland who can help you avoid disclosing any information that could potentially hurt your case later on.

When will an Insurance Adjuster Offer Me a Settlement?

Normally, an insurance adjuster will offer you an early settlement for your injury claim. Adjusters will offer you a quick settlement before you have a chance to fully understand how much your injury claim is worth. An insurance adjuster will offer you a small amount, when in reality a lot more money could be at stake. Generally, they will offer you a lowball settlement. Victims should never accept an offer until they understand the full extent of their losses. You should consult with an attorney before speaking with a claims adjuster. If you handle a conversation with an insurance adjuster wrongly it will come back to haunt you. Your settlement could potentially be significantly reduced. An adjuster’s objective is to persuade you into admitting some degree of fault to reduce your final settlement. It is important to remember that a claims adjuster is not on your side.

When Should I Disclose Information About the Accident to an Insurance Adjuster?

You should never disclose any information about the accident or your injuries to an insurance adjuster. Avoid disclosing any information that could potentially be used against you. Adjusters will try to bait you into accidentally revealing information that could discredit your claim. Oftentimes, adjusters will ask for a record statement. You should never consent to giving a record statement. Always provide a written statement. Adjusters will use several tactics and methods to persuade you to admit some degree of fault. Do not fall for their tricks. They will ask confusing and misleading questions. Be careful what you disclose to an adjuster because they will use whatever you tell them to their advantage. Proceeding with caution is always the best case when it comes to conversing and interacting with insurance adjusters. Allow our committed Prince George’s County Personal Injury Attorneys to assist you in handling situations involving insurance adjusters.


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