Dogs are known as man’s best friend. They are great companions to human beings. Not only have they been companions, but they have been trained to be police dogs and therapy dogs. With the skills these dogs can acquire, it is easy to see how training can have an effect on them. If dogs are not trained in the proper way, they can become aggressive. This can become a problem since it may develop into the dog’s behavior. By behaving aggressively, they may attack an individual that comes near it. This can result in a lawsuit against the dog owner. If a dog has a history of bad behavior, the individual’s case can become even stronger against the owner and the dog. If it is found that they have previously been involved in these incidents, it can warrant more responsibility on the owner and show a series of events.

If dogs are raised to be vicious, this can have negative consequences. The dog may attack those around them and cause harm to someone. If you have been bitten by a dog, you may be able to pursue legal action against their owner. When dogs have a violent history of behavior based on similar instances, the owner should have reasonably known about this history since they are in charge of caring for the dog.

Can the attack be the victim’s fault?

Dog attacks can also be the fault of the victim. There are certain situations that eliminate the liability of the pet owner to protect the victim. If the victim is antagonizing the dog, then it may not be proven that the owner was acting negligently. It may show that the dog was aggravated to act in an aggressive way. Also, by trespassing on an individual’s property where the dog is leashed and somehow restrained, it may also be harder for the victim to place the liability on the owner. If the victim is somehow responsible due to behavior that antagonized the dog or an attempt to commit a crime, then they may not be able to prove liability on behalf of the owner.

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