If you were involved in an electrocution accident, you may suffer from long-term damaging effects, such as permanent damage to the skin, nervous system, hearing, or vision, or injuries as severe as recurring seizures, heart attacks, or paralysis. Read more to learn the most common causes of electrocution accidents and how one of the seasoned Prince George’s County personal injury attorneys can help you fight for the compensation you require to heal.

What are the common causes of electrocution accidents?

Electrocution injuries are commonly caused by negligence or Labor Law violations on construction worksites. The following are some examples:

  • Contact with overhead or buried power lines.
  • Contact with energized sources.
  • Improper use or discarding of extension cords.
  • Fallen telephone lines.
  • Electrical overloads.
  • Commerical equipment malfunctioning.
  • Code violations, such as exposed wires or electrical outlets placed in unsafe locations.

Also, in the household, electrocution injuries can occur due to code violations, and other incidents such as shorts in electrical appliances from manufacturing defects or faulty wiring in locations like hot tubs or pools.

What compensation is available for an electrocution injury?

If you have suffered an electrocution injury on the job, you are entitled to file for workers’ compensation benefits. In the state of Maryland, this is a no-fault system that allows you to recover benefits through your employer’s insurance policy. In exchange, you cannot sue your employer for your injuries, even if they were negligent. If successful, your claim can recover benefits for medical expenses related to your injury, lost income while you recover, disability benefits if you are unable to return to work after your accident, or vocational training if you can work but cannot return to your same job.

If this is applicable to you, do not hesitate to reach out to a knowledgeable Prince George’s County work injury lawyer to kickstart your case today.

If your electrocution injury did not occur on the job but was caused by someone else’s negligence, a personal injury claim is an option. This case allows you to recover additional benefits not available through worker’s compensation, such as for damages of emotional distress or pain and suffering.

If this is the case, contact one of the Prince George’s County personal injury attorneys.

What is the statute of limitations in Maryland?

For a worker’s compensation claim, the statute of limitations in Maryland is two years from the date of the accident, and you must inform your employer of the injury-causing accident within 10 days. However, for a personal injury claim, this is three years from the date of the accident.


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