When an individual in Maryland is injured in an accident as a result of another party’s negligence, they may want to consider their legal options. It is likely that the injured party is facing significant burdens such as high medical bills, lost wages due to time out of work, and a number of other issues caused by the accident that may be non-financial in nature. A lot of times, the injured party may be curious about their legal options. If an individual does make the decision to bring a personal injury case against the negligent party, there are a few things that are important to be aware of.

There are several major components to any personal injury case. First, the injured party must establish that the negligent party owed them a duty of care. For example, if an injured party got injured while trespassing on another person’s property, they may not have a case. Second, the injured party has to prove that the defendant was negligent and third, that the injured party suffered significant damages as a result of the negligence.

There are several ways to prove negligence in Maryland. Some options include photographs, eyewitness accounts, surveillance footage, cell phone records, and more.

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